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Welcome to the web portal of the best gadget repairing service in Nottingham!

Cookie Computers Ltd is the symbol of success in the electronic repairing and has the expertise to fix anything from your PCs , Smart phone, or tablets.

We have been serving the community with our affordable repairs for many years and have evolved as a trustworthy name.

Whether it is a hardware repair or the software installation, we are focused on the efficient and timely service. Our experts are highly trained and have the comprehensive knowledge of all of the electronic architecture and thus, the professional results are achieved in all of the tasks.

Customer recognition and the cost effectiveness are the distinguished features of our services.

Our list of services include virus removals, Malware Removals, Overheating, Computer Diagnostics and Repair checks, Software Installations, Updates, Upgrades, Data Recovery, Data Transfer, etc.

Cookie Computers is working in coordination with the Web Services UK and this joint venture is aimed at providing the latest web solutions to the customers along with all kinds of repair.'


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